Women's College

Kuttiady - 9567908323, 0496-25971170

Nadapuram - 0496-2554397

Parakadavu - 0496-2572411


Women's College

It was started to bring the women members in the community to the academic mainstream and to simultaneously give them training and mooring in Islamic tradition and values. The college offers Afzalul Ulema, B.Com and BA. They are trained in such a way to be active among women and children, imparting them guidance and awareness in Islamic disciplines.

Courses We Offered

Women's College Kuttiadi

+1,+2 Commerce & Humanities
B.A. English
B.A. Sociology
Afzalul Ulama preprimary
Sharee-ath(Hadiya & Mahdiya)
Fashion Designing
Computer Course

Women's College Nadapuram

Sharee-ath & Plus One(Hadiya)

Women's College Parakadavu

Sharee-ath & Plus One(Hadiya)